Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Going Gonzo With John: The Pequod

by John Belliston
Haunt by Frank Gori

The Pequod:


Overwhelming Necromancy

Strong Transmutation

The Pequod is an intelligent item with the following stats:

Alignment: LE

Int: 16

Wis: 14


Ego Check: 23


(Ego +5)

Base Item: (+12)

Senses 120 feet

Transform into a Colossal Whale (Use Great White Whale stats) (+2)

Cast Skeleton Crew (+1)

Special Purpose (+2)

Can detect Whales within 60 ft (+1)

 Bite Attack +25 (6d6 19-20)


If destroyed or damaged beyond repair the Pequod sinks and one week later returns to the nearest port fully repaired with new components.

Refer to Pathfinder vehicle rules located here for more info on vessels.

The ship was once owned by a captain so obsessed with his hunt of a demonic white whale that he destroyed himself and his crew. Such was the depth of his madness and hunger for slaughter that his blood soaked boat continues on in his stead.
The Pequod is always a three masted boat with a whale skull on its prow, though all other aspects of it's actual appearance change as it rebuilds itself from the bones of what it kills and sunken ships.

The ship seeks to destroy its eternal quarry the demonic white whale, though it will also hunt and kill any other whale that it comes across. To fulfill its purpose it will seek out a crew.

When searching for a crew it travels toward the nearest port. One week before the arrival of the boat all intelligent creatures with Profession (Sailor), Profession (Whaler) or have spent at least three week on a ship will have a dream about the ship's arrival. Once the ship makes port all so effect must make a Will (DC 20) or they will board the ship with the intent of becoming it's new crew. The ship will stay docked until at least 10 crewmen board but will not allow more than 20. (If more crewman are required then the Pequod will summon the needed number of skeletons to fill the roles.)

Once the crew is out to sea one will be selected by the ship to be the Captain. As time goes on the madness of the ships first Captain will slowly begin to seep into any that ride the vessel. Every 48 hours the crew must make a will save (DC 20). For every failed check the crew gets a -1 to all rolls not directly involved with hunting whales or killing sea creatures. This resets after a week off of the boat.

(For the purposes of all intelligent item rules the Captain becomes the “owner”, however The Pequod can select a Captain of any alignment, though for every step away decrease the amount of time by half.)

Once a day for an hour the boat can transform into a Skeletal copy of the Great White Whale. While transformed the Crew are protected by a magical bubble in the belly of the beast. The Captain can extend this transformation to 24 hours by drowning one of the crew.

The Pequod is a fully stock and provisioned whaling vessel. Every 24 hours the provision barrels refill with new food and water, but the food always has the faint taste of brine and rot, and the water always tastes slightly stagnant.

Once a day with a perception check (DC 16) 1d6 harpoons can be found randomly placed on the deck. If the roll exceeds the DC by 10 or more these harpoons are of masterwork quality.

We also suggest adding the following haunt to the ship, the destruction of the ships ego and negative effects dissipate with the solving of the haunt.
Endless Whale Hunt
CR 10

Compelled to seek vengeance on the white whale the effected Captain and the 5 crew members with the highest profession (whaling) ranks must row out to harpoon any whales they come across.

XP 9,600
CE persistent haunt (10 ft. by 50 ft. ship)
Caster Level 11th
Notice Sense Motive DC 20 (to notice personality shift in captain)
hp 45, Trigger Whale sighted; Reset 1 day


This haunt materializes as a sudden red gleam in the captain and five crew member’s eyes and a pronounced limp from the captain. A greater geas is cast on the captain and the members of the harpoon crew whenever the ship senses a whale. The men must slay the whale at all costs.


The crew must mutiny and murder the captain to defeat the haunt, only a death by mutiny will end the haunt.

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