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GM_Solspiral's PAP Guide to Cavalier: Attributes and Races

Like most warrior types you need to have good physical stats though you can get by on a lowish con if you’re a skirmisher. It hurts to dump Wisdom as you have a poor will save, and dumping into Cha wastes your skill potential. Pick your poison but I’d highly recommend strength and cha.

Strength this is Blue for it determines hit bonus and damage.
Constitution this is your 2nd or 3rd stat for all but the most caster/ranged driven
builds. You Fort save and HP cannot suffer by dumping this.
Dexterity can be an important stat or near a dump stat but remember you will more than likely need your ride skill.
Wisdom If we had a strong will save I’d dump this in a heartbeat. Wis tends to
be my 5th stat for a cavalier you will miss making perception rolls.
Intelligence 13 is an important break point for a variety of builds that utilize combat expertise, it is otherwise a 5th or 6th stat.
Charisma  is either you’re 2nd stat or a near dump stat.

I’ll save point buys for the build section.


For brevity sake I’m going to go with a highlight reel for several of the descriptions..

Dwarves aren’t terrible but they are not exactly a strong choice either. Con bonus is nice and their survivability is high but in the end they suffer for being both medium and having a poor stat array for the cavalier. Saving grace is the very decent bonus to damage against challenge targets
Elves aren’t better except they at least make a decent choice if you’re going into an eldritch knight build.
Gnomes are small which is a tremendously good thing, they trade a small ding to primary stat but bonuses to 2nd and 3rd options, sla options, or using master tinker and the craft skill potentially any exotic weapon prof.
Half-Elves +2 to str, Skill feat for easier access to Eldritch Heritage feat chain (or not), bonus to perception, cheat to get a free casting class spell list for wands without SLA making it easier to dump CHA.
Halflings size matters especially for the mount builds. Workable stat array, affinity
to slings, good skill bonuses, LUCK to shore up saves, but mostly size
is a the bonus.
Humans Flexable bonus, free feat, and extra skill points, humans are still a very good choice.
Half-Orcs They are really good for Order of cockatrice/daring champion builds in particular.
Asasimar/Tiefling you can cherry pick attributes without penalties and SLAs like glitterdust. Assamars also have an option to give ACs celestial template making them the overall best choice.
Catfolk might make an ok daring champion or luring cavalier but suboptimal in general.
Dhampire might fit in an evil neg energy channeling party, I have heard of but not found the mechanics for them getting an undead mount. If that is the case I would up it to green.
Drow ignoring drow noble because that’s just WRONG. SLA s are decent, strictly better than regular elf but not by much.
Fetchling this is a poor choice, I can’t help disliking that con penalty.
Goblin they are small which is a good start, +4 to dex can be an excellent choice if you are willing to pay the feat tax to get melee back online, and the stealth options are beyond good and then there’s the variety fairly good racial feats.
Hobgoblin Dex and Con bonus for no dump and a +4 to stealth, yes please. Then there’s fell rider which is amazing.
Ifrit stat mods suck, slas aren’t particularly useful but in a fire heavy campaign they could be cool.
Kobold stat mods, nuff said.
Orc stat mods almost entirely account for the rating but the alternate favored class bonus can smeller alternate race trait are also quite useful.
Oread stat mods are useful, alternate race traits can be quite good especially crystalline form and a sla ranged option.
Ratfolk Size saves this from red and little else.
Sylph bad array, only useful ability is feather fall sla.
Tengu Stat array isn’t great but prof with ALL SWORDS, nat attack with extra options, and a feat option for flight? Yeah!
Undine bad stat array but a surprising number of decent abilities, better for aquatic campaigns.
Changeling stat mods suck, theres a few useful abilities but nothing awesomesauce.
Duergar The ability to enlarge and go invisible are quite good.
Gillman just no.
Grippli the alternate race traits of glide and jumper make this green for me. Being small helps come over the top of a poor stat array.
Kitsune what does the fox say? It sucks being at a cavalier prolly.
Merfolk lets play an entirely aquatic campaign, said no GM I’ve ever played with.
Nagaji stat mods, nat ac bonus, help on most will saves, and perceptions checks. Would be blue if it was small or if any of the situational stuff was less situational.
Samsurian this really is great for casters and that’s it..
Strix not at all good for you
Suli strong stat array and elemental assault is very good.
Svirfneblin poor option.
Vanara good despite stat array, prehensile tail to help action economy, and a climb speed make an attractive package.
Vishkanya poor stat array but free poison use, perception and
stealth bonuses, free kukris and shruken, and the AMAZING Sleep Venom
feat that makes your poison a scaling save or suck!

Wayang lots of little niceties like small size + a stealth bonus but I’d far rather be a goblin, halfling, or gnome.

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