Celtris Tales

I would imagine that the first question all of you, our valued readers, are asking is "what is Celtris."  Without spoiling the whole kettle of fish, the answer simply put is that Celtris is a campaign world that I, Jeff Harris, started many years ago for the simple reason that I thought orcs deserved more respect.  Little did I know that years later my friend and co-owned Frank Gori would take a shine to the world and end up helping me turn it from just a home brew into something much more.

Now nearly 20 years after I started creating Celtris it has become a major project for TFPC games.  In the not so distant future we hope to be able to share Celtris with the much greater gaming community, and will likely be doing so in a way that is rarely seen but hopefully greatly appreciated.  But while there is still a ton of work to do before that auspicious time, we at TFPC would like to introduce the wider gaming public to Celtris with a short fiction series based in our conjured world.

Thus begins "Small Packages" by Frank Gori.  Also keep your eyes peeled as a new chapter of this fine tale will be added each week here on The Flying Pincushion blog, and both Frank, I, and the rest of the TFPC staff hope you enjoy this look into the world we have created, a world called Celtris.

Small Packages (sometimes the biggest Heroes are size Small)
Ch 1) Luca 
Ch 2) Marius
Ch 3) Scars (Luca)
Ch 4) Stones and Bones (Jared)
Ch 5) Slaver's Galley (Valen)
Ch 6) Hunted (Marius)
Ch 7) Strange Bedfellows (Luca)
Ch 8) Famines Respite (Marius)
Ch 9) Walkabout (Tullia)
Ch 10) A Simple Errand (Trigon)
Ch 11) Valen's Gamble (Jared)
Ch 12) Septimus' Folly (Luca)
Ch 13) Departure (Marius)
Ch 14) Trouble in Threes (Jared)
Ch 15) Hylidia's Choice (Hylidia)

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