Friday, November 7, 2014

Builds: Drive by Skirmisher

Drive By Skirmisher

Drive By Skirmisher

As implied by the name the Drive By Skirmisher is a hit and run specialist that takes advantage of mounted combat. We’re going to be a small race and dip 4 levels of cavalier for some truly impressive power-ups. Your GM will have nightmares about this build.

Feats/Rogue Talents
Halfling, Gnome, and Goblin top my list as favorites for this build.The main key is small size everything else is simply a bonus, though I will point out halflings have a great alternate racial trait called outrider that adds
a +2 to handle animal and ride checks which is where I’ll start.

Halfling Cavalier 1 (Strategist Archetype/Order of Flame): Mounted Combat (go with the Wolf), Stealth Synergy (Teamwork Feat)
2:  Rogue 1: (Swashbuckler and Scout Archetypes) (1d6 sneak)
3:  Rogue 2: Dervish Dancer, Finesse Rogue
4:  Rogue 3: (2d6 sneak)
5:  Rogue 4: Ride by Attack, Combat Trick (Power Attack)
6:  Cavalier 2: Order ability Foolhardy Rush
7:  Cavalier 3: Spirited Charge
8:  Rogue 5: (3d6 sneak)
9:   Rogue 6: Boon Companion, Weapon Training (Weapon Focus: Scimitar)
10: Rogue 7: (4d6 SA)
11: Cavalier 4: Cleave
12: Rogue 8: Combat Trick (Trick Riding)
13: Rogue 9: Indomnible Mount, (5d6 SA damage)
14: Rogue 10: Feat Mounted Skirmisher
15: Rogue 11: Amature Swashbuckle (Parry and Reposite) (6d6 SA damage)
14: Rogue 12: Skill Mastery
17: Rogue 13: (7d6 SA damage) Extra Panache
18: Rogue 14: Crippling Strike
19: Rogue 15: (8d6 SA damage) Pommel Strike Deed
20: Rogue 16: Confounding Blades

Ultimately we want Strength for Power attack and cleave.

Point Buy 20
Str: 12 (14-2)
Dex: 18 (16+2)
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 12 (10+2)

Attribute increases should go into Strength to 13 then Dexterity, Favored class bonuses should go into hit points or skill points as you need.

Max Ride, Use Magic Device, Perception, Disable Device, Stealth, possibly Bluff and spread the rest around to remain versatile. Equipment that shores up mental attributes can be key.

Reactionary (+2 Initiative)
Any trait that shores up will saves

This build helps you keep your wolf alive for no real trade off in action economy and most importantly lets you deal massive amounts of damage utilizing spirited charge and sneak attack while mounted, then you
simply ride on by forcing the enemy to make a move action to fight back (if they live.) A nasty alternative to this could well be going lance instead, or switching up for some archery fun.

Tactics at Level…
Level 1: Your wolf is better than you, sucks for a level.
Level 3:  You hit well but are more likely to use your wolf as a flanking buddy at this stage.
Level 5: You main tricks are paying out, you get SA on a charge and your mount can continue it’s double move.
Level 7: Build starts to come together with mounted charge making sure you can hit things well and spirited charge making sure that the damage is outstanding
Level 9: Boost to hit ability and Animal Companion.
Level 10-15:  All about grabbing the extras of mounted combat.
Level 16-20: Panache for personal defense.

If you find yourself having issues hitting or you are against something immune to SA use your outstanding UMD and wand cast as your standard action, duck into cover and use stealth on your move action.


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  2. Hey there - love the guide, it convinced me to dip Magus for my PFS ninja character.
    Thought I'd just point out that the Cavalier build qualifies for the Horse Master feat - it's boon companion for Cavaliers, that brings your mount to full level instead of four levels higher.