GM_Solspiral's PAP Cavalier Guide Intro

GM_Solspiral’s Post Advanced Player’s Guide to Cavalier’s
by GM_Solspiral/Frank Gori

As far as I’m aware there’s but one Cavalier guide in Pathfinder’s corner of the internet. TarkXt did a fine job with it and I for the most part agree with a great deal of it, but I like to mix a little multiclassing in the mix and have enough different ideas to constitute my own guide.

Before we get started I wish to discard the following:
-Classes without spells are subpar:
I see this a great deal on the boards, basically a class that can’t spell up is 3rd Tier somehow. The cavalier is not only a capable tank, but also has a self buff and group buffs, a mount for additional actions, and the ability to dish very serious damage.
-Multi-classing is somehow a failure:
There are some fantastic builds that are cavalier primary (11+levels of
cavalier) that build off of dips or even fully meander into other classes
and prestige classes. These can be and still are knightly in flavor.
-Mounted combat is the only option for cavaliers:
while mounted combat is likely the strongest choice, you can make a viable character without it.

That said there are a few challenges to over come:
  1. Horses can’t fit in most dungeons or are otherwise inconvenient.
  2. Charging relies on having a clear lane.
  3. Some class features suffer if your team isn’t playing along or you cannot charge on your mount.
One last quick note:
This guide assumes that if it’s on d20srd and not labeled 3PP it’s legal.
3PP options range from garbage to awesomesauce but there’s simply too
many out there to address though.  I will of course highly recommend
anything from Flying Pincushion Games like our upcoming Cavalier release (for obvious reasons.)

I don’t play PFS as it isn’t big in my area and I’ve not had a challenge finding games to play or run in my area without PFS.

Still with me? Excellent lets get started.

The not-so-defiant-obligatory-color-coding:
Red: This is a bad option.
Yellow: This is a fair but flawed or situational option.
Green: This is a solid choice.
Blue: This is an option that is simply Awesome.
Cyan: This option borders on broken, take it if your GM will let you.
Purple indicates that the option is Blue/Green for some builds but otherwise Red/Yellow

Possible Roles:
Skirmisher is a strong option as you can charge, deliver a major lance hit, then ride by. You can also utilize a more archery based style, split up with your mount and create flanking opportunities, or even keep a small unit stealthy until the time is ripe to strike.

Tank is a role you can fulfill ably. You have access to heavy armor, shields, and d10 hp. More importantly you can share defensive teamwork abilities and come with a second set of hit points and actions.
Face is more than likely the best use of your skill point but other classes are going to outshine you in this.

Skill Monkey don’t be confused by the 4 ranks per level that is easily boosted with trait, racial bonuses, and a pumped int. You’ll most certainly have roles outside of combat and can maybe hang with the rogue on a few things but this is not your bag. Think of the extra utility as a gift with purchase.

Attributes and Races
Traits, Skills, and Feats

Alternate Opinions and a few areas I didn't cover

Spirited Charging Pouncer
Knight of Shadows
Dragon Knight
Mighty Halfling

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