Monday, January 27, 2014

From Screen to Behind the Screen: 5 Lessons GMs should steal from Dr Who

by Frank Gori

5) Embrace Humor: I’ve seen GMs get flustered when their gaming groups get a little silly and spend most of their time laughing at the table. If that’s you why are you mad? If your table is having a good time you’re doing it right!

4) Save the World: Dr Who saves the world just about every episode.  IT is important that the PCs are important. Don’t get caught up in the minutia of real world type problems and let your PCs be big dam heroes once in a while. Overly strict GMs lead to murder hobo parties.   

3) Fezzes are cool: It’s fantasy so try out different types of clothing and setting descriptions. Draw from different traditions… be less conventional.

2)  Relationships define a character: Notice the companions usually swap out when there’s a new Doctor? It’s because the relationship has altered and you usually want a fresh start. 

1)      Allow retraining: Sometimes players get bored with what their characters are or can do but you need to preserve that character’s history. Dr Who has a fantastic solution for this problem…


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