Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jeff Crunch: Battle Hungery Archers

     In the fine tradition of gladiatorial combat and with a special nod to archers this weeks Jeff Crunch provides a few new handy weapons for archers for when things get ugly, which in archer speak, is close.  Cat may want some of these.

Unarmed Attacks
Dmg (M)
Punch Dagger Gage
10 gp
2 lbs.
Fin Blade Full Glove
20 gp
19-20 ×2
3 lbs
Studded Knuckle Glove
5 gp
2 lbs

Punch Dagger Gage: The gage is a common item among archers, as it protects the forearm from the bow string.  However this version has been modified to also serve as a weapon that the archer need not draw.  Built into the gage is a punch dagger blade, mounted to a reinforced plate on the back of the hand the blade extends four inches beyond the archers closed first.  The gage can be worn on either or both arms and does not impede firing a bow.  It does prevent the use of a shield larger than a buckler. 

Fin Blade Full Glove:  These forearm length heavy leather gloves are average save that a sharp steel fin-like blade has been mounted to the side of the glove.  The scalloped blade is about two inches wide at the mid-point of the forearm and curves downward toward the wrist and elbow.  These blades may be used to slash at foes that close on the archer and preclude the need to ready a melee weapon.  If used as a pair two weapon fighting penalties apply.

Studded Knuckle Glove: The most simple weapon that an archer can have and still freely fire a bow are gloves of this type.  Sometimes studded at the knuckles with brass, or with lead weights sown into them they allow for lethal damage to be dealt with a fist.  The damage they deal is equal to the unarmed strike damage of the wearer.  Values given are for an average medium and small character.

Other  Gear and Weapon Accessories:

Knuckle Bow Guard:  Very similar to the hand protection found on some swords, a version has been adapted to work on bows as well.  The guard protects an archers hand while allowing them to use their bow to strike opponents without fear of damage to it.  The knuckle  bow guard deals damage as a set of brass knuckles, 1d3 medium and 1d2 large, damage type B, critical 20x2.  However there is a -1 to hit with the guard, as a bow is not meant to be used in melee.  Having one installed on a bow costs 30 gp extra.

Spear Point Nocks: These metal nocks not only hold a bows string, but have an added stiletto-like point added so that a bow may be used as a spear.  When used in this way the bow deals damage as a short spear (short bows) or long spear (long bows).  Regardless of size these weapons have a -1 to hit due to their improvised nature, and have a critical range of 20x2, and may not be set vs. charge.

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