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Jeff Crunch: Two Guns for Sister Saffron

By Jeff Harris

Simon: Um, I’m trying to put this as delicately as I can… how do I know you won’t kill me in my sleep?
Mal: Listen, you don’t know me son, so I’m gonna say this once: if I ever kill you, you’ll be awake, you’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed.
Simon: Are you always this sentimental?
Mal: I had a good day.
Joss Whedon’s Firefly Pilot Episode “Serenity” (which if shown first, might have changed things a bit)    

Gun change things, that’s just a fact, in the history of humanity, and when introduced into a campaign setting.  I give credit to Paizo for being reasonable and providing a set of rules for firearms that is decently balanced.  The WWI style equipment from the Reign of Winter adventure path is not my style, but the early and advanced firearms are workable.  The clash of sword and gun is always on in some capacity, and don’t start a geek brawl on that account, but it doesn’t have to preclude the use both in game.  Just because I as a person dislike firearms does not stop me from allowing players the freedom of their use when GMing.  The trick, as it is with most player shinnies’, is using them effectively and not letting them get out of hand.   A gun is only as good or bad as the hand that wields it.
            Thus this week’s Jeff Crunch presents the two most famous Firefly guns, Jayne Cobb’s “Vera”, and Mal’s Browncoat Sergeants’ Pistol, oh, and one crazy woman they both have foiled in the past, Saffron (all Pathfinderified and such).  There is a disclaimer attached to these big damn hero guns, as they are powerful, and could easily muss up a game if introduced to early or into a game where they just don’t belong.  But then again, as Mal says, “No son, you murdered yourself. I just carried the bullet a while.”

Browncoat Sergeants’ Pistol (advanced fire arm)
Aura moderate divination, moderate transmutation; CL 8th
Slot weapon; Price 12,300 gp; Weight 4 lbs.
===== Description =====
This older model revolver is well made but simple, lacking flourish or needless foofarah. Made of blued steel and fitted with a hardwood grip, the weapon is solid, dependable, and uncannily accurate.  By the many scratches and signs of wear, it would seem this revolver has seen action, and often at that.
The Browncoat Sergeants’ Pistol is a +2 Distance Reliable revolver.  Because of the reliable property this weapon has a misfire chance of 0, unless somehow given the broken condition.  Strangely enough, this weapon while not intelligent, seems to only come alive in a gun hand that puts it to a noble use.  Evil characters that use the Browncoat Sergeants’ Pistol find that it functions as a normal revolver, losing it’s to hit and damage bonuses, as well as all special properties.
===== Construction =====
Requirements Craft Magic Arms & Armor, clairaudience/clairvoyance, mendingCost 6,300 gp

(Modern) Two-Handed Firearm
Dmg (S)
Dmg (M)
Callahan Fullbore Autolock “Vera”
10,000 gp
100 ft.
12 lbs.
B and P

Callahan Fullbore Autolock “Vera”: It is unknown what gun maker created this work of art, but few can disagree that the automatic weapon lovingly known as “Vera” by her current owner is the pinnacle of the gunsmith’s art.  Vera holds a 10 round magazine, the changing of which is a move action.  Because she also has been outfitted with a scope the wielder of Vera may add their intelligence bonus (if any) to their attack rolls with her.  Also because she is a masterwork firearm, Vera also has an inherent +1 to attack rolls and a -1 to misfire chance (reducing it to 0).  There is a drawback to Vera however, because of her complex and exacting construction, all checks to repair or modify her take a -4 penalty.

female vishkanya deadly courtesan (rogue) level 9
Description: Unless one checks very carefully, Saffron appears to be a very lovely young human woman.  Red haired and fair of complexion, her green eyes smolder when she looks upon her next mark.  Ever looking to play everyone and trusting no one, those that do really get to see the real Saffron, if that is her name, find that she is in fact a snake.  If one gets VERY close to her, they may find that description is apt in more than temperament and ethics however.                                                                                                                                                             

Saffron    CR 8
CN Medium humanoid (vishkanya)
Init +3; Senses; Perception +16
===== Defense =====
AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 19; (armor +4, Dex +3, natural armor +2)
hp 52 (9d8+8)
Fort +3, Ref +9, Will +2
Defensive Abilities Evasion, Poison Resistance +9 on saves vs. poison, Uncanny Dodge
===== Offense =====
Spd 30 ft.
Melee MW kukri +10/+5 (1d4/18-20x2), unarmed strike +9/+4 (1d4/20x2)
Ranged MW revolver +10/+5 (1d8/20x4)
Special Attacks performance strike, sneak attack +5d6.
===== Tactics =====
Before Combat Saffron prefers to keep things out of bloodshed, as she finds seduction normally gets her what she wants.  However if she can find no other option, sneak attack is always the favored method, using stealth before beginning combat whenever possible.
During Combat Saffron always attempts to have the advantage over her target, either in the form of flanking or avoiding their attacks whenever able using Acrobatics.  She also has no qualms about using her superior social skills to bluff, feint, beg, plead, or seduce her way to getting behind a poor bastard.
Morale Whenever it looks like the value of the take is less than the threat of bodily harm, Saffron gladly flees, knowing a new sucker is born every day.
===== Statistics =====

Str 10, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 18
Base Atk +6/+1; CMB +6  CMD 19
Feats Improved Unarmed Strike, Skill Focus (Bluff), Sleep Venom, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Proficiency Exotic (revolver) 

Skills Acrobatics +10, Appraise +6, Bluff +17, Climb +4, Diplomacy +11, Disable Device +12, Disguise +13 (+17 to appear human), Escape Artist +13, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (history) +6, Knowledge (local) +9, Knowledge (nobility) +6, Linguistics +7, Perception +16, Perform (oratory) +18, Sense Motive +10, Sleight of Hand +12, Stealth +17, Swim +5 and Use Magic Device +9.
Languages Common, Chinese (Tian), Aklo   
SQ bardic performance, canny observer, charmer, fascinate bardic performance, honeyed words, inspire competence bardic performance, limber, poison use, sensual, subtle appearance, toxic, weapon familiarity (blowgun, kukri, shuriken)
Combat Gear MW kukri, MW revolver, +2  red eel hide jacket, amulet of natural armor +2, 30 cartridge bullets, 2 vials of sovereign glue; Other Gear peasant outfit (for her act), disguise kit, compass.  

===== Special Abilities =====                                                                                                                                                          
Bardic Performance (Su) Saffron gains the bardic performance ability and the fascinate bardic performance. Her fascinate DC is 18. She can use this bardic performance for up to 12 rounds per day.                                                                                                                                         
Inspire Competence (Su) Saffron can use her bardic performance to inspire competence. This bonus is +3 to the appropriate skill check.

Performance Strike (Sp) As a swift action, Saffron may expend rounds of bardic performance to gain a morale bonus on one attack roll. The amount of the bonus is equal to the number of bardic performance rounds expended (maximum bonus +4)                                                                                                                       

Toxic: Once per day, Saffron can envenom a weapon that she wields with her toxic saliva or blood (using blood requires her to be injured when he uses this ability). Applying venom in this way is a swift action.                                                                                                             
Vishkanya Venom: Injury; save Fort DC 14; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Dex; cure 1 save.                                                                                                                                 
Sleep Venom (feat) As a swift action, Saffron may alter the effects of her venom so the target falls unconscious. This changes the initial and secondary effect of her venom to the following: initial effect staggered for 1d4 rounds; secondary effect unconsciousness for 1 minute. You must make the decision to alter the venom before applying it to a weapon.

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