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Mythic Monster Monday: The First Humbaba

The First Humbaba
by Andrew Hoskins
Standing over 100 feet tall, this roughly human shaped creature moves with a purposeful power and grace. His lion-like face is covered in images of intestines that tend to wriggle and squirm; his body is covered with sharp spines that penetrate even his colossal plate mail. A long tail tipped with the head of a snake moves around, catlike, the snake’s tongue flicking about.
XP 1,228,000
N Colossal outsider (native, mythic)
Init +7; Senses darkvision 120 ft., detect disturbance, true seeing; Perception +32
Aura aura of nightmares (1 mile, DC 26), horrific appearance (10 ft., DC 26), prismatic aura (30 ft., DC 26)
AC 44, touch 2, flat-footed 44 (+8 armor, +34 natural, -8 size)
hp 485 (22d10+364); fast healing 10
Fort +19, Ref +16, Will +22
Defensive Abilities spiny growth; DR 10/epic; Immune blindness, death effects, fire, sonic; SR 40
Weaknesses weak neck
Speed 40 ft. (60 ft. base)
Melee mwk longsword +33/+28/+23/+18 (6d6+18/17-20, x3) or 2 slams +32 (2d8+18 plus spiny growth) or stomp +32 (4d8+27 plus pinning stomp and spiny growth), and snake headed tail +32 (2d8+27 plus grab)
Ranged rock +18 (2d8+27)
Space 30 ft.; Reach 30 ft. (40 ft. with snake headed tail)
Special Attacks breath weapon (60 ft. cone, 20d6 fire, DC 33, usable every 1d4 rounds), death gaze (30 ft., DC 26), mythic power (10/day, surge +1d12), rock throwing (180 ft.), snake headed tail, vomit flood (120 ft. cone, DC 33)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th; concentration +25)
        Constant-true seeing
        3/day-greater shout (DC 23)
        1/day-destruction (DC 22), earthquake (DC 23), power word stun (DC 23)
Str 47, Dex 16, Con 34, Int 11, Wis 24, Cha 21
Base Atk +22; CMB +48 (+50 bull rush); CMD 61 (63 vs. bull rush)
Feats Awesome Blow, CleaveM, Combat Reflexes, Critical Focus, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (longsword)M, Improved Initiative, Intimidating Prowess, Iron Will, Power AttackM, Staggering Critical, Vital StrikeM
Skills Climb +37, Intimidate +48, Knowledge (nature) +25, Knowledge (planes) +25, Perception +32, Survival +32
Languages Abyssal, Common, Giant
Environment any forests
Organization solitary
Treasure standard (masterwork half-plate, masterwork longsword, other treasure)
Aura of Nightmares (Su) Living creatures who fall asleep within 1 mile of The First Humbaba must succeed on a Will Save (DC 26), or have tormenting dreams of failure as the nightmare spell.
Death Gaze (Su) By spending 2 points of mythic power as a swift action, The First Humbaba’s eyes grow dark and he gains a gaze attack for 1 minute. Affect: 1d4 negative levels, 30 feet; Fortitude DC 26 negates (non-mythic creatures must roll twice and take the lower result). The save DC is Charisma-based. A humanoid slain by The First Humbaba’s death gaze is instantly transformed into a cedar tree. This is a death effect.
Detect Disturbance (Su) In The First Humbaba’s native domain, or the domain he is sworn to guard, he is aware of any disturbance in the natural terrain, creatures, buildings, or foliage. He immediately knows the intruder, their exact location, and their offense. This does not allow him pinpoint accuracy, only the presence of foreign creatures; this is a divination effect.
Horrific Appearance (Ex) The First Humbaba’s face is covered with images of intestines. When close enough to see the details, the images come alive and wriggle.  All mortal creatures within a 10-foot radius that see The Mythic Humbaba must make a DC 26 Fortitude save or be nauseated for 2d4 rounds; non-mythic creatures must make two saves and take the worse result. Whether or not the save is successful, that creature cannot be affected again by The First Humbaba’s horrific appearance ability for 24 hours. This ability is mind-affecting. The save DC is Charisma-based.
Pinning Stomp (Ex) The First Humbaba can make a single stomp attack at its highest base attack against a target three or more size categories smaller than itself. This attack deals an amount of damage equal to twice that of its slam attack plus 1-1/2 times The First Humbaba’s Strength bonus. If The First Humbaba hits with this attack, it can attempt a grapple check as a free action. This grapple doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity. If the grapple is successful, the target is pinned and takes an amount of damage equal to that of The First Humbaba’s slam attack each round at the start of The First Humbaba’s turn until either the pinned creature frees itself or The First Humbaba moves out of the pinned creature's space. The First Humbaba doesn't need to attempt grapple checks to continue the pin, nor can it attempt a check to move, further damage, or tie up the grappled creature. The First Humbaba can have at most two creatures pinned with this attack at one time.
Prismatic Aura (Su) As a swift action once per day, The First Humbaba can activate its prismatic aura. Doing so causes brilliant light to radiate from The First Humbaba to a radius of 30 feet. Each round at the start of The First Humbaba’s turn, roll 1d8 and consult the table of prismatic spray effects to determine the color and effect of the light (reroll results of 8). If a creature begins its turn in the prismatic aura’s area, it must make the appropriate saving throw (DC 26) against the effect. Once activated, The First Humbaba’s prismatic aura lasts for 7 rounds. The save DC is Charisma-based.
Snake Headed Tail (Ex) The First Humbaba has a long tail that ends in the head of a snake.  The snake headed tail acts independently of The First Humbaba and is not subject to the same effects that The First Humbaba is subjected to, unless he chooses to include his tail in the effects. It may make a single melee attack each round as a free action, or as an opportunity attack. The snake headed tail is considered a separate weapon with hardness 0, DR 10/epic and 48 hit points. To destroy the snake headed tail, an opponent must inflict enough damage to reduce its hit points to 0 or less. Destroying the snake headed tail deals 48 damage to The First Humbaba’s body. The First Humbaba can't attack with a destroyed snake headed tail, but takes no other penalties. A destroyed tail grows back in 24 hours.
Spiny Growth (Ex) The First Humbaba is covered in small razor sharp thorns that penetrate bone, metal, and flesh. Anytime The First Humbaba succeeds at a grapple or slam attack, or is successfully grappled, his opponent takes 1d4 bleed damage. This bleed damage stacks with itself.
Vomit Flood (Su) By spending 1 point of mythic power, The First Humbaba can release a mighty roar that transforms from a burst of sound into the torrential roar of a raging river. The First Humbaba vomits forth crystal clear spring water with such force that the deluge spreads across a 120 ft. cone.; flying creatures in the area must make a DC 33 fly check or be swept away and landed creatures must make a DC 33 swim check.  Those that succeed are able to maintain their position, but those that fail are swept away by the flow of water and pushed to the furthest edge of the cone and brought to the ground. After the first round, the affected area acts in all ways as a Flash Flood.  The skill DCs are Constitution based.
Weak Neck (Ex) While paralyzed, all slashing weapons are considered vorpal weapons against The First Humbaba.

He was born before time existed, brother to Pazuzu and Enki, and son of Hanbi; Humbaba is a great guardian of the gods. While most well-known for guarding the great cedar forest of the gods, he was a relatively kind creature who took his job seriously. Much of the time he did not seek to destroy those who invaded his sacred forest, he would not relent until he had vanquished threats to the trees.

It is said that Pazuzu tricked The First Humbaba, his own brother, into defeat at the hands of mighty heroes. Pazuzu supposedly chopped up his brother’s body and created the humbaba race, which he could control. Others whisper that The First Humbaba still lurks in the forgotten places of the eternal realms and bides his time, waiting to inflict his revenge on Pazuzu.

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