Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Going Gonzo with John: Revelations in the Sand

By John Belliston and Frank Gori

The Thousand and One nights is a compelling combination of stories. Ones that dance and interweave into one of the true classics. There is so much to draw from inside that collection that at first glance I don’t even know where to start.

So I thought about what I knew of the story. Of the feelings and aesthetic that those stories conjured. Long stretches of lonely sand. Cities built around oasis’s bustling with people in flowing robes.

But most of all I picture the sand, and that, that is something worth exploring.

Sand Mystery:

Bonus Spells: 2nd: Dazzling Blade 4th: Glitterdust 6th: Diamond Spray 8th: Stoneskin 10th: Mirage Arcana 12th Cloak of Dreams 14th: Scouring Winds 16th: Horrid Wilting 18th: Time Stop


Crystal Sight (Ex): You can see through stone, earth, or sand as easily as if it were transparent crystal. Your gaze can penetrate a number of feet equal to your oracle level, or 1/12th this thickness of metal. You can use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to your oracle level, but these rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Dream Sands: Using a ranged touch attack a sand oracle can cause a creature within 30 feet to fall into a deep, magical sleep, as per the spell sleep. The creature receives a Will save to negate the effect, with a penalty of -1 for every four levels the sand oracle has beyond the first. If the save fails, the creature falls asleep for a number of rounds equal to the oracle’s level. This mystery can affect a creature of any HD. The creature will not wake due to noise or light, but others can rouse it with a standard action. This sleep ends immediately if the creature takes damage.

Dusty Spells (Ex): Whenever you score a critical hit against an opponent with an attack spell, the target is blinded for 1 round. At 11th level, the duration increases to 1d4 rounds.

Earth Glide (Su): You can pass through stone, dirt, or almost any other sort of earth except worked stone and metal as easily as a fish swims through water. If protected against fire damage, you can even glide through lava. You glide at your base land speed. While gliding, you breathe stone as if it were air (you do not need to hold your breath). Your burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole, nor does it create any ripple or sign of your presence. A move earth spell cast on an area where you are flings you back 30 feet, stunning you for 1 round unless you succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save. Activating this ability is a free action. You can glide for 1 minute per day per oracle level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-minute increments. You must be at least 7th level to select this revelation. You can bring other creatures with you when you glide, but each passenger costs an additional minute per minute of travel.

Quicksand Missile: Calling on earth and water elements you summon orbs of quicksand that unerringly fly toward foes in you line of sight. These orbs deal 1d3 of bludgeoning damage and on striking they quickly harden weighing foes down and inhibiting movement (lowering dexterity by 2.) The effects stack on multiple strikes, you get 1 missile at 1st level and an additional missile every odd level.

Read the Ripples (Su): Once per day, you can gain a glimpse into your immediate future. On the round after you use this ability, you gain a +2 insight bonus on a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check or to your Armor Class until the start of your next turn. At 5th level, and every four levels thereafter, you can use this ability one additional time per day.

Sand Barrier (Ex): You can create a swirling shell of sand that grants you a +4 armor bonus. When hit with fire damage exceeding three times your oracle level four pounds of glass is created around you. At 7th level, and every four levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +2. At 13th level, this barrier causes incoming arrows, rays, and other ranged attacks requiring an attack roll against you to have a 50% miss chance. You can use this barrier for 1 hour per day per oracle level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-hour increments.

Sand form: You can transform into living moving sand. Gain DR 1(Fire/Bludgeoning) this bonus increases by one for every three oracle levels you possess. You can pass through any space that something Fine size would. Last for ½ oracle level rounds 3+ Cha Mod times per day.

Scimitar of Sand: Calling on the elements you conjure a scimitar made of sand which you are proficient with regardless of your weapon proficiencies. It acts as a normal scimitar with one notable exception on a critical hit it deals damage and turn into shards of glass that will blind the target for 1 round per oracle level. At 4th level treat the scimitar as a +1 scimitar, at 8th level and every four levels after add an additional +1 to hit and damage.

Wear Away: You conjure sand to wear down what you touch. Functions as “Erosion Touch” Revelation from the Nature mystery.

Final Revelation: On Reaching 20th level sand in all its forms becomes your window into the world. At any point in the day you can scry as per the scry spell but with an unlimited range within your plane and using any surface made from glass or sand.

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