Friday, October 18, 2013

Open Call


The Wizards here at The Flying Pincushion have moved into the world of publishing under the umbrella of d20srd. Check our product page for what we're up to in the publishing world. With a level of success comes the need to transition writers to all sorts of projects, in short we need...

More writers who can produce...

-Articles that can include some crunch work related to a literary theme, contact me for the themes list.

-Encounter and setting design work, 1,500 words or less CR4 or lower, must be in a ruins environment.

-Class related crunch work in line with out Into the Breach series see below

     *Archetypes: presently interested in the non core base classes with the exception of summoner, magus and oracle.

     *Spells: I will intentionally leave this open ended for those who have a harder time with restrictions 500 word limit.

     *Prestige Classes : 1,500 words or less, designed to blend well with the non-core base classes would be impressive.

     *Monsters: I run new monsters every monday, and there's talk of us doing a monster book down the road. Mythic like our current contributor Andrew Hoskins would be welcome. 1,500 words or less.

     *Items: 750 word limit, try to theme them off of a class, or animal companions.

Blog work is your proving ground, rates are industry standard typically 1 cent per word for printed work only.


     *1/2 page pencils or color

     *full page with backgrounds

     *character portraits


     *Stock art

Payment is negotiable we are likely not going to be ready to pay artists until a product has had a 30 day cycle (when we get paid.)

-Must be willing to adhere to the Recession Review format.

-Likely a pdf copy might be payment though that is not always the case typically these are a labor of love.

All submissions should be sent to AND


  1. What about layout and book design? Do you need someone for that as well?

  2. Frank, you've listed quite a gambit of items. What is it that you're not getting? I'd like to submit, but don't want to spend time laboring over an alchemist archetype if you've got 7 waiting in your inbox.

  3. I'm not presently getting a glut of writer/designers and good is good. My first release will have 6 archetypes for summoners, 2 prestiege classes, new base forms, new feats, and new evolutions. The feild is fairly open at the moment.