Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jeff Crunch: Poe Themed Items

by Jeff Harris

Heart of Truth Telling
Aura moderate enchantment and divination; CL 7th
Slot special; Price 10,000; Weight 1 lb.
===== Description =====
A heart of truth telling is just that, a humanoid heart.  It appears to be newly removed from its owner, but there are no traces of blood.  A willing subject must allow their heart to be removed in order to create a heart of truth telling.  In order to use the heart correctly however, you must be willing to let the heart of truth telling take the place of your own heart.  This process does you no harm, and the process may be reversed.  However once you have used a heart of truth telling and then later removed it, you may never use one again.

The heart of truth telling has several powers that are available to you once you have replaced your own heart.  First the heart radiates a constant zone of truth that functions in all ways like the spell of the same name; however the heart does not prevent you from telling falsehoods. The will save to resist this effect is DC 12 + your wisdom modifier.  Each person entering the area of affect must make this save; if successful they cannot be affected by the heart again for 24 hours.  Also the heart of truth telling is capable of casting the discern lies and early judgment spells three times a day each.  These also function in all ways like the spells of the same name.  Using either of these powers is are standard actions, however you may willingly take two points of temporary constitution damage and use either as a swift action. 

There is however a cost to using a heart of truth telling, as when you knowingly lie the heart responds negatively which damages your constitution score by one point for 24 hours.  This effect is cumulative with each additional lie.  A DC 25 fortitude save is needed to avoid this affect each time you lie while using a heart of truth telling.
===== Construction =====
Requirements craft wondrous item, gentle repose, early judgment, discern falsehoods, zone of truth; the heart of a lawful good or lawful neutral willing subject Cost 5000 gp


Quill of True Terror
Aura strong necromancy; CL 7th
Slot slot-less; Price 14,000; Weight - lb.
===== Description =====
A quill of true terror appears to be in fact quite harmless, as it is a quill ink pen made from a large raven feather.  However the quill of true terror radiates strong necromantic magic, and is a potent weapon if you are willing to use it.

The quill of true terror gives you the ability to cast the cause fear and scare spells three times a day each and the fear spell once per day.  The quill also has a more powerful and more dangerous ability you may call upon.  Once per week you may use the quill of true terror to enact a powerful curse on another person by writing down the effects of the curse with the quill.  This functions as the bestow curse spell, and has the same limits and flexibility save that if the target destroys the document of their curse, the effect immediately ends.  This effect may also be removed with the remove curse spell.  The creation (writing) of the curse affect of the quill is a full round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. 

There is however a price you pay for changing the fates of others with a quill of true terror.  Each time you use the quill’s curse power there is a 2% cumulative chance that all the fear and anguish the quill controls affects you.  This takes the form of either temporary insanity or the summoning of an invisible stalker that hunts you tirelessly.  Insanity takes the form of the confusion spell effect and lasts for 24 hours.  The summoned invisible stalker is a standard CR 7 creature and should be presented as written including using it’s invisibility to best affect.  There is an equal chance of either effect occurring.  The GM should keep a secret tally of this percentage and roll for the player each time the quill is used.  Unless great care is taken in identifying the quill the wielder should be unaware of this draw back.
===== Construction =====
Requirements craft wondrous item, bestow curse, cause fear, fear, scare; Cost 7,000 gp                                                                                                          


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