Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Going Gonzo With John: Bring on The Weird

by John Belliston

Going Gonzo with John Belliston is about channeling the classic bizarre narrative and encounter styles of some classic pulp fiction and TV. Vincent Price, Alfred Hitchcock, and Rod Sterling are the types of narrators that would present this material. We need you though to challenge John. Got a weird idea that could never work? Email it to theflyingpincushion@gmail.com and challenge John!

Ah. I see you there. Looking out of the corner of your eye. You're curious. I have such strange and wondrous things here. The beautiful monstrosities, the terrible delights that only the truly bizarre can bring. I am here to show you the outlandish and the peculiar. The curious and maddening. The remarkable... and the ever so silly. But do not worry my dreaded loves and dearest enemies, I will be your guide through this forest of outcast ideas.

Who am I? I hear you ask. I am your humble guide through this bright and twisted realm. But you are far too savvy to think that a worthy answer. And so I shall give you a far better one.

I have played roleplaying games for twenty years or close enough to fake it. I have been game mastering for almost three fourths of that. Building worlds however... that I've done since I was a child. And more importantly, the worlds I've made are always a little strange, sometimes a little creepy, but always always a little off.

As you may have noticed, my most cunning friends, I have taken a distinctly dramatic approach to the writing of this. I babble like a carnival barker laid low and scrambling for your precious coins and attentions.

But look to either side and see who else is around. Because I will let you know the dual edged secret of my outrageous persona. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Now... the first reason for this is that quite simply, it amuses me. Amusement drives me to complete my deadlines and give you the article that you, with any luck, will crave.

And the second my dear reader, is a test. If this ridiculousness that I have wrought has not pushed you away then you have the open mind required for what I offer. Because what I'm offering is the completion of your strangest, your worst, your most laughable ideas. I want to collect them. I want to take them and work my magics to turn them into something amazing.

That's my offer. And now for the terms.

I'll take and do the ground work on your weird ideas. You'll post them in the comments or email them to the site and I in my seat in the places between shall work wonders.

Now the details I shall require are quite simply, the Tone, and the Type.

The Tone comes in three fattening flavors: Silly, Eccentric, and Creepy.

With Type being: NPC/PC, Town/Group, and Nation.

Now. An example. In three movements.

Let us begin with a duck. Because deep down we all want to be a duck don't we?

NPC and let's start with Silly.

“Ducknar the Bold was accidentally awakened by a careless druid and has sworn his newfound barbarian levels to make sure the breadcrumbs forever flow to his home pond.”

Eccentric: “It is almost unheard of for the soul of a slain druid to fly into their animal companion, but Thailia took this as a new lease on life. She would serve the party in her new form both to honor her fallen friend, and to confuse their enemies.”

Creepy: “Something ain't right with that duck. I swear a found a hoof in the pond three nights ago. Thing is... it ain't from no critter we got around here. It's way too big.”

These are but humble offerings I realize. Meant only to tease and hint at the potential within this little game. Now my darlings...


Who care's to play?

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