Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Going Gonzo with John: Gonzo Gods

by John Belliston

So... you return. Enticed? Or merely morbidly curious? Whatever the reason I welcome you back. This week I realized that I gave you no examples of my abilities.


And so my darlings I shall present you with just that. A collection of my work, for your benefit.


Bubbling up from my deepest imaginings I give to you two gods, both monstrous and delightful. Full of life and vigor... and more than a little creepiness.


The Blind Huntsman:
He Who Devours the Lost

Alignment: NE

Domains: Animal, Community, Evil, Travel, Trickery


The Huntsman wanders the world, seeking out those that have lost their way. He can smell the sent of their fear and despair and hungers for their panic and terror. Some speculate that he was a creature of the Fae in ancient times but by consuming the squirming souls of the unwary he became something else entirely. He delights in not only tracking and frightening his prey but in giving them hope for escape. Hopes that always lead into horrible traps. The first worgs were wolves that attacked the Blind Huntsman and tasted of his spilled blood. They were granted a link to their new master and a share of his cunning and hunger. Though he has no eyes of his own, tasting his blood lets him see through his new minions.



The One Who Skitters in Sunlight.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Cloud, Retribution, Trickery


Long ago Saltizan was the shining spider that spun the clouds. Her subtle touch brought a gentle respite from the harshest of the suns rays. Some say she stretched her power to far, trying to forever bind the sun in clouds. So others say that the sun grew jealous of her art, and so burned her face and cut her from the clouds. Regardless of the story, now she finds solace for her wounded pride and body in the cool shadows of the forest. She remains there her wounds forever smoldering and filling her with pain and hate. The Ettercaps she taught the secrets of silk, and ask only that they bring her the blood and flesh that will momentarily ease her pain.




But these, they are just baubles. Thrown together in a few moments to draw a glance at my work. There are other more significant examples of my ability. Work on my own projects and so forth.


The Kindred are a savage meritocracy where even your race can be changed by proving your worth.


The Workman's Guild in the city of Hub is a ravenous hotbed of violence and democracy.

Like wind across the sand the Lash-ti-nowish snake men change the face of the world.


And who could possibly say no to tree dwelling anarchist frogs?


Now I apologize my dearest of readers for the hollow clump of jangling ideas that is this weeks post. But I must humbly remind you my darlings that I need your ideas. As many and as funky as you can possibly hurl in my direction.


I promise to have something more substantial next week... if you can give me your magnificently weird ideas.

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