Sunday, August 4, 2013

Welcome to The Flying Pincushion: A RPG blog for the Masses

So there’s tons of Gaming Blogs out there already what makes us different?

I’ve seen informative gaming blogs, blogs that deliver new materiel, blogs that are just silly, blogs that advocate for the gaming lifestyle, and blogs that provide reviews… I’ve never seen a gaming blog that manages to do all of it at once.

The Flying Pincushion’s content will always be informative, but with a sense of humor.

We’re also striving for being as accessible as possible to our audience. Several of our features are formatted with reader letters or challenges in mind. Some of our articles will offer more content based off of comments, and all of our authors are real world gamers you might bump into your local gaming store or at a Con.

What does that mean?

It means features like:

Going Gonzo with John- Challenge John Belliston with a weird idea, he’ll make it into useable gaming content compatible with Pathfinder/D&D 3.5.

Ask Gorm- Jeff Harris channels a Scottish dwarven  barbarian named Gormie Mountainchewer for your advice column needs.

Monster Mondays- Every Monday, a new monster from one of our contributors, it’s a free beastiary! Want to see one of yours? Submit it, we’ll take a look. Want to ask for a custom monster? We’ll give you our take on it.

Mishelved Madness: From Lit to Battleboard legit- Tolken is far from the only author to take inspiration from, classic literature is rich with materiel that can and should make your gaming tables.

Recession Reviews- Times are tough and the gaming budget often suffers, so who gives you bang for your buck? Check here to find out.

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