Friday, November 7, 2014

Builds: The Improvisor

The Improvisor

The Improvisor

The Improvisor is a rogue heavy mix of classes that specializes making use of everyday objects as deadly weapons. I somewhat expanded on the concept as the improvisor can also improvise traps on the fly and thanks to Bluff and Disguise skills turn most situations around.

Conceptually I feel goblin is the way to go but human is possibly the best mechanical choice. Since this is one of my more gonzo builds I’ll stick to my guns and stay with goblin for the guide. The core of the build is to mix Monk of the Empty Hand for 6 levels, with 2 levels of Order of the Land Cavalier, and Underground Chemist Rogue for the rest. You get the most out of Dexterity and Wisdom with this build and can mix traps, alchemy, improvised weapons, and flurries of shuriken for deadly effect

Goblin Cavalier 1 (Standard Bearer- Order of the Land): Weapon Finesse, (Tactician Feat Stealth Synergy)
2:  Cavalier 2: Adaptive Strike*** (This is Catch off Guard expect it always works!!!)
3: Monk 1: (Monk of the Empty Hand) Throw Anything, Quick Draw, Flurry,
Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Wisdom to unarmored AC
4:  Monk 2: Improvised Weapon Mastery, Evasion,
5:  Monk 3: Versatile Improvisation, Point Blank Shot
6:  Monk 4: Ki Pool* (this will come in handy)
7:  Rogue 1:  (Underground Chemist, Sniper) (1d6 SA) Precise Shot
8:  Rogue 2: Ninja Trick- Flurry of Stars
9:   Rogue 3: (2d6 SA) Multi-Shot
10: Monk 5: ki weapons, high jump
11: Rogue 4: Snap Shot (rogue talent), Sap Adept (fists are blunt weapons capable of non lethal)
12: Rogue 5: (3d6 SA)
13: Rogue 6: Sap Master, Combat Trick (Bludgeoner)
14: Rogue 7: (4d6)
15: Rogue 8: Skill Focus (Intimidation), Quick Trapsmith
16: Rogue 9: (5d6 SA)
17: Rogue 10: Opportunist
18: Rogue 11: (6d6 SA)
19: Rogue 12: Frugal Trapsmith
20: Rogue 13: (7d6 SA)

We have no minimums we just like Dexterity high Wisdom high and
Intelligence high.

Point Buy 20
Str: 8
Dex: 20 (16+4)
Con: 10
Int: 14
Wis: 14
Cha: 8

Pretty standard skill array but pay special attention to Wisdom based skills, Stealth, and Craft (traps).

Reactionary (+2 Initiative)
pretty much whatever you want

This build is about using improvised weapons in melee, alchemical weapons
and shrunken at range particularly in the first round when you devastate
with flurry of stars.

Tactics at Level…
Level 1: You’re moonlighting as a BDF
Level 3:  You’re flurrying with improvised weapons at this point
Level 5:  You can lead off by throwing things as needed
Level 7: Yay rogue level and you’re getting better with ranged attacks. Also when you use improvised weapons they are always getting SA
Level 9:  Throwing is getting better
Level 11: Ok lead with early ki flurry which should drop at least one foe (every
star gets SA damage) then either keep your range and switch to
alchemical throws or melee with improvised blunt object and flurry away.
Level 13-20:  At this point the build has all it’s shiny tricks the rest is gravy

You apply SA by going first, or by using an improvised weapon or an
alchemical weapon. You get plenty of attacks and can go at range or in
melee and are never disarmed.


  1. I would love if this works, but...

    Adaptive Strike only works one round per combat
    Precise Splash Weapons only works on first attack per round
    Improvised Weapon Mastery is not available until Monk 6

    So you get...
    Surprise Round: Precise Shot is great
    First Round: one Precise Splash Weapons attack and move
    Second Round: as many Adaptive Strike attacks as possible
    Third+ Round: one Precise Splash Weapons attack and move

    Sneak attack damage on one attack most rounds does not justify this PC's spot in the adventuring party.

    1. I missed the once a combat on the end of Adaptive strike which is horrid, that gimps this significantly though most combats only go one or two rounds. I might rework some disarm into this then.