Friday, November 7, 2014

Builds: Intimidating Thug

Intimidating Thug

The Intimidating Thug uses Intimidate to debuff and lower the defenses of a foe and most importantly, make sure they cannot hit back. Unlike most rogues strength is the prime requisite after Charisma. Shut them down hit them hard and toss in a few tricks to boot.

Feats/Rogue Talents
There is no better option than the Half-Orc for this build. You get a floating stat, intimidating, toothy, darkvision, axes and the falchion. We will be using the rather strong thug archetype but one could easily make a skulking slayer variant of this build.

Half Orc Cavalier 1 (Daring Champion, Order of the Cockatrice): Enforcer, Free Weapon Finesse (you don’t really care though), Free Teamwork Feat: Outflank
2:  Rogue 1: (Thug Archetype) (1d6 SA) Frightening
3:  Cavalier 2: Free Dazzling Display, Bludgeoner
4:  Rogue 2: Combat Trick: Sap Adept
5:  Rogue 3: Combat Reflexes (2d6 SA)
6: Rogue 4: Strong Impression: (grants Intimidating Prowess)
7:  Cavalier 3: Shatter Defenses, Nimble
8:  Cavalier 4: Panache and Deeds
9:   Rogue 5: Sap Master (3d6 SA)
10: Rogue 6: Bleeding Attack
11: Rogue 7: Skill Focus: Intimidate (4d6 SA)
12: Rogue 8: Weapon Training (free weapon focus: lucrene hammer)
13: Rogue 9: Power Attack (5d6)
14: Rogue 10: Feat (Cleave)
15: Rogue 11: Surprise Follow Through (6d6)
16: Rogue 12: Skill Mastery (make Intimidate one of the skills, UMD, and likely Bluff)
17: Rogue 13: Great Cleave
18: Rogue 14: Opportunist
19: Rogue 15: Furious Focus
20: Rogue 16: Hard to Fool

Strength>Charisma>Dexterity>Wisdom>Constitution>Intelligence. Ultimately we want Strength for Power Attack and Cleave. Intelligence can be dumped as daring champion lets us have combat expertise if we for some reason want it and we still have ample skill points even if we
take a -1.

Point Buy 20
Str: 16 (14+2)
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 8
Wis: 12
Cha: 14

Attribute increases should go into Charisma or Strength really it’s all about preference both will boost your intimidate which is the core.

Intimidate, Use Magic Device, Diplomacy, pretty much anything Charisma.

Armor Expert
Any trait that boosts intimidate

An interesting variation would be to add a level of cleric or anything that grants a domain for growth domain power (quickened enlarge is awesome for this build.) I’m not including it here as we can do this with a wand.

Tactics at Level…
Level 1:
Tactician is very powerful, you’ll make the team want to flank. You probably won’t sap yet. Get armor, lucrene hammer, and brass knuckles asap.
Level 3: Round one is now intimidating the group before wading in.
Level 5: Additional utility in that you can set up extra reach attacks, since you have strength you do not suck, Sap Adept is in there for more damage.
Level 7:  Build starts to come together with shatter defenses.
Level 9: Your damage should start getting boss at this point, plus you can switch up to 1 handed club as an additional combat mode.
Level 10-15:  All about adding effectiveness of both damage and Intimidate here.
Level 16-20: Mostly about getting off more attacks.

UMD gives you back up utility. Beware of things with bonuses or immunity to fear and/or SA. You can be effective still with strength, Power Attack, and a reach weapon though.

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