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Builds: The Sniping Trigger

Sniping Trigger

Sniping Trigger

The Sniping trigger combines the front loaded abilities of the gunslinger with the damage potential and skill versatility of the rogue. There’s a lot to like; gunslingers generally have 1 main trick, you have that trick mixed with a mix of others

Feats/Rogue Talents/Class features of note
For me the Dwarf is the best choice. Bonus to Wisdom and Con which are secondary and tertiary stats, penalty to dump stat, and great alternate race traits like stubborn, mountaineer, and sky sentinel. The dwarf is a salty tough race that is well suited to gunslinger and handy for the
rogue. Humans are a poorer secondary choice, hobgoblins are a surprisingly good option and garuda blooded Aasamars round out as perhaps the best mechanical choice. The Dwarves evil cousins the Duergar are also a solid candidate.

Dwarf 1: Gunslinger 1: Deeds, Grit, Gunsmith (I prefer pistols to free a hand), Point Blank Shot- For the record Bolt Ace is not a bad call just have your GM make a judgement call on Gunsmith (maybe get a repeating crossbow)
2:  Rogue 1: (Sniper, 1st level power sucks for us we’re in it for the 3rd) (1d6)
3:  Rogue 2: Combat trick: Weapon Finesse, Precise Shot
4:  Rogue 3: (2d6 SA)
5:  Rogue 4: Snap Shot, Deadly Aim
6:  Gunslinger 2: Nimble
7: Gunslinger 3: More Deeds Whoot, Rapid reload
8:  Gunslinger 4: Quick Draw
9:   Rogue 5: (3d6 SA damage) Dervish Dancer
10: Rogue 6: Ki Pool
11:Rogue 7: (4d6 SA) Two Weapon Fighting
12: Rogue 8: Ninja Trick (Vanishing Trick)
13: Rogue 9: (5d6 SA damage) Improved Precise Shot
14: Rogue 10: Feat Improved Two Weapon Fighting
15: Rogue 11: (6d6 SA damage) Rapid Shot
16: Rogue 12: Stealthy Sniper
17: Rogue 13: (7d6 SA) Wind Stance
18: Rogue 14: Opportunist
19: Rogue 15: (8d6 SA) Iron Will
20: Rogue 16: Hard to Fool

Dexterity and Wisdom are the most important, everything else is gravy.

Point Buy 20
Str: 10
Dex: 16
Con: 14 (12+2)
Int: 10
Wis: 18 (16+2)
Cha: 6 (8-2)

Attribute increases should go into Dexterity, favored class bonuses should go into hit points.

Perception, Sense Motive, UMD, Stealth, Disable pretty much spread the love, nor neglect craft gunsmithing.

Take your pick

build solves most of the rogue’s to hit woes but will often not get SA off until ki pool becomes available, Vanish trick comes into play. 1st round snap shot is a killer though. We did leave this one level short of gun training 1 which gives Dexterity to damage for guns, I’m ok with
this but it is a possible adjustment.

Tactics at Level…
Level 1: You are not a melee character play the archer
Level 3:  You can melee in a pinch but it isn’t preferable.
Level 5:  Deadly aim improves your fortunes.
Level 7:  With a few good magic mods and alchemical ammo you should be able to get free action reloads.
Level 9:  You can now moonlight as a switch hitter.
Level 12:  best level ever
Level 13-20: here forward it’s just getting more actions and getting better at what you do.

This is not what people think of as a rogue but it gets the job done well.

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  1. You're not sneak attacking until level 12 and then only 4 times a day. Since vanish breaks on the first attack your opponent is no longer flat footed towards you after the first shot so you're not even getting full attacks for your effort.

    Wind Stance also does not give concealment against eyes, just ranged attacks, so it is no help for stealthing against anyone that hasn't been fired from a catapult.

    Just play a gunslinger.