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GM_Solspiral's PAP Rogue Guide: Traits, Skills, and Feats

Rather than go into the extensive list of traits out there I will simply point out anything that adds +2 to your initiative, shores up one of your weak saves, helps you multi-class better for multi class builds, or adds even a minor touch attack SLA is huge for you.

You have the widest variety of class skills and the most skill points, it is difficult to mess up skills. If you aren’t multiclassing I’d strongly recommend UMD be a top priority, also if you are planning any prestige classes mind your requisites. Acrobatics tends to be very important as does Disable Device.

I will say that spreading the points around so you have at least one in every class skill is a good call, multiclassing that adds to that pool should also get a point. I am also one of the few that sees the value in crafting skills. Specifically Craft Traps, Craft Weapons, and Craft Alchemy can be notably useful. Perform isn’t bad if you go for combat performance and Intimidate will factor heavily into a few builds. Again the builds section will cover this.

The key to being a good skill monkey type player is remembering that you have the skills you have and taking those rolls. Remember also to ask for perception checks whenever you’re wading into danger.

You have some objectives to achieve with your feats, rogue talents, any archetypes chosen, and of course any multi classing.
  1. You need to compensate for attack bonuses.
  2. You need a good UMD for utility even if you dump CHA
  3. It is supremely helpful for you to have extra action economy
  4. Options outside of damage are very helpful
  5. Anything that helps you gain a flanking partner is UBER
  6. Initiative is very helpful.

I am not crazy enough to run through all the feats, but I’ll highlight some choices.

Eldritch Heritage this depends on your GM. If the GM allows you to take the Sylvan Bloodline granting you an animal companion flanker that scales with character level then this is an awesome two feat investment. If not I can still get behind the Arcane Bloodline for some builds that could use a familiar. It goes Blue if you can use the Arcane Bloodline for a 2nd familiar and both familiars gain the sneak attack benefits in the Canvalist Archetype. Though that build does not shine until around 7th level or so (when you get your 2nd

Nature Soul - Animal Ally - Boon Companion is a good combo if your GM doesn’t buy into the Eldritch Heritage Sylvan Bloodline argument. Nature soul shores up 2 skills you’re unlikely to max but the trade off prerequisite is a constant flanking partner you control which is very useful to you. It is just normal blue because of the somewhat limited selection of animals.

Two Weapon Style if you’re GM tends to refresh things around 12-14th level your BAB doesn’t hurt as much. You can also shore up your Two Weapon Style with a full BAB class dip and make a hybrid fighter rogue that is very effective. The general issue is mid to high level the penalties to hit HURT and that’s before we get into the issue of wealth by level investment into a 2nd melee weapon. You’re better off with Dervish Dance.

Weapon Finesse - Dervish Dance or Slashing Grace for several builds you’ll be picking this up at 3rd level. Aside from helping you with damage and crit range it forces a free hand which can be very useful for magus dips or unarmed style dips or dirty tricks or even a quick potion (it is a free action to drop the empty bottle after all.) Weapon Finesse is practically a default/mandatory 2nd level rogue talent.

Dazzling Display - Shatter Defenses debuffing via Intimidation followed by making an opponent flat footed for sneak attacks makes for a nasty build. The half-orc does this very well and you’ll likely want a combo of thug and possibly a cavalier dip for order of the cockatrice. Another way to go is performance combat and a ranged option. I’ll cover these builds in the build section. Enforcer is another possible element of the Intimidate line.

Bludgeoner- Sap Adept- Sap Master it takes an investment to pay off but this can happen for determined rogues as early as 5th level. If you manage to snag a martial weapon
proficiency from say the swashbuckler archetype you can have some fun with lucrene hammer. Just make sure you also have brass knuckles.

Quickdraw Useful for switching weapons and for a couple archetypes grabbing an alchemical compound or wand. In my opinion the reason to have quickdraw is to be able to use snap-shot to get your ranged off in the surprise round but still have a melee weapon in hand for when the enemy closes on you when they get to go.

Archery Related Feats It’s a trap! Yes I will highlight a archery build or two but they are
typically multi-classing and/or using the “Dashing Archer” build.

Style Feats there are a few styles that are outstanding if you are dipping monk but if
you are not it’s a 3 feat investment for anything worthwhile like say Crane Wing. Since Crane Wing got nerfed it’s likely not even worth it anymore, still its a fair high level option for say a magus dip that matures into Arcane trickster and wants the extra defense.

Hellcat Stealth if you find yourself with an extra feat in your build this can be a lifesaver.

Stealth Synergy if you take the cavalier dip for my Drive-By build this is simply the most
amazing choice you can make for your teamwork feat. Simply put the entire party can go into “Stealth mode” no more splitting the party to scout ahead!

There’s tons more but I’ll focus this guide more on builds rather than the specifics of feats.

Squire- Leadership remember you can always trade out your squire for a different more magical follower if you wish, but why would you? I’d go with a small sized cavalier gaining a pair of flankers and my feat back as a teamwork feat because of the tactician ability. I’ve seen GMs that would allow this but not the Eldritch Heritage Sylvan Bloodlinee, if you get one of those GMs then silently thank them for saving you a feat. When you get upgraded to the leadership feat RAW you could change in your cavalier for a summoner who can summon oodles of flanking buddies for you.

Combat Expertise- Improved- Greater Feint I hate losing a move action for this, it does allow you to get your sneak attacks off. You have to invest in having an Int 13 AND enough Cha to
pull off good bluff AND spend at least 2 feats to get this rolling. Still a good choice but maybe Dirty Tricks are better?

Teamwork Feats are an excellent idea if you can convince your group to take them.
Precise Strike, Outflank, Pack Attack, Paired Opportunist are all very solid.

*I will add to this for anyone that thinks I missed something Grand.

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