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GM_Solspiral's PAP Rogue Guide: Attributes and Races

The poor maligned rogue is MAD as heck. The problem is that is that almost any dump stat has a dramatic impact on what we are expected to do. If you have a rolling system and end up with a boss set of scores in everything I promise you that the Rogue rewards this better than almost any other class (with the possible exception of the monk.)

Dexterity this is Blue for almost every build and it is the cornerstone statistic of the rogue.
Constitution this is your 2nd or 3rd stat for all but the most caster/ranged driven builds. You Fort save and HP cannot suffer by dumping this.
Strength is a dump stat for all but one build I will present.
Intelligence 13 is an important break point for a variety of builds, could well be your casting stat as well. This is usually either you’re 2nd stat or a dump stat.
Charisma 13 is an important break point for eldritch heritage feat chain, could be a casting stat, you could be moonlighting as party face, and there’s UMD to consider. I’m not a fan of dumping this for a few reasons. Either a 2nd stat or a dump stat.
Wisdom If we have a strong will save I’d dump this in a heartbeat. Wis tends to be my 4th stat for a rogue and I still tend to have a boss perception.

I’ll save point buys for the build section.


For brevity sake I’m going to go with a highlight reel for several of the descriptions..

Dwarves make surprisingly good rogues. The hardy trait ot the stubborn trait can shore up the rogue’s poor saves, Con and Wis bonuses are welcome and Cha is a potential dump stat. Dwarves also get darkvision, a wider variety of weapon choices, and several nice bonuses that are a little niche but the rogue likes niche.

Elves are a decent choice for a number of builds with their +2 to both your prime stat and possible secondary stat. A bonus to perception, a possible +4 to initiative due to trait and alternate race trait bonuses, low light vision, immunities that shore up the sad lacking Will save you have and the really great option to dip into Spire Defender Magus or take the awful dreamspeaker alternative race trait to gain early entry into the beyond awesome Arcane Trickster!

Gnomes are beyond good. I’m going to quote Shaman Bond’s guide for this one: “Surprisingly, Gnomes have a lot going on for them. Small size means a better chance to hit and better AC, things every rogue desperately needs. They have a size bonus to stealth, a reasonable ability spread, and even the alternate racial traits seem designed for maximum roguish potential: Explorer, Knack with Poison, etc. One of the best ACFs is Master Tinker, which gives a tiny boost to your Disable Device checks and makes you proficient with any weapon you personally build. If you want a gnome with a swordbreaker dagger, scorpion whip, kukris and a bola, that dream is only a few craft checks away. With the Masterwork Transformation spell, you’re pretty much set for obscure weaponry. However, the racial trait that earns the Gnome a blue rating is Fell Magic. I can’t overstress this enough, short of breaking into your home while you sleep and tattooing this on your household pets (a hobby the state very much looks down on, as it turns out). The 1/ day Chill Touch allows you to make melee sneak attacks against touch AC and has the bonus of lasting one use per level, which should see you through most scrapes. Also, your attacks have a passable chance of strength-draining low fort enemies, since it does scale with your character level and Charisma. It’s only once a day, which would be a problem if there wasn’t a kickass new first level spell called Recharge Innate Magic. Buy a wand. There’s no Dex bonus, but since you can target touch AC, it’s hard to care too much. Constitution and Charisma bonuses make you a hardy fighter and smooth talker. So whether you’re playing a good gnome gone bad, a travelling junk peddler, or a just a spectacularly unqualified wizard, talk quickly, duck often, and leave them scratching their heads as you pick their pockets and run.”
-Nuff said

Half-Elves Spire Defender option, +2 to dex, Skill feat for easier access to Eldritch Heritage feat chain, bonus to perception, cheat to get a free casting class spell list for wands without SLA making it easier to dump CHA.

Halflings size matters especially for the Drive-by build. Great stat array, affinity to slings, good skill bonuses, LUCK to shore up saves, but mostly size is a big bonus.

Humans 3 for one skill feats is an amazing choice for eldritch heritage feat chain, skill point bonus, and +2 to dex is not too shabby.
Half-Orcs They are really good for Intimidation/Brute builds sub par for anything else.

Asasimar you can cherry pick Azata blooded for a great combo of +2 Dex/+2 Cha with no penalties to other stats, gain glitterdust which also qualifies as a SLA early entry to Arcane Trickster, and bonuses to Dip and Perform, this is an outstanding option.
Catfolk nat attack options are solid, good stat array, and solid skill bonuses, there are much better options though.
Dhampire Good everything but I am not a fan of neg energy healing.
Drow ignoring drow noble because that’s just WRONG. SLA early entry into Arcane Trickster and an option for Spire defender build and all the nice things I had to say about elf with bonus SLAs.
Fetchling this is a solid choice but I can’t help disliking that con penalty.
Goblin bad stat array but a +4 to Dex is worth it, add small size in the mix for another +4 stealth and +2 racial bonus to stealth… we’re rocking a very strong stealth build.
Hobgoblin Dex and Con bonus for no dump and a +4 to stealth, yes please.
Ifrit stat mods, nuff said.
Kobold stat mods, nuff said.
Orc stat mods, nuff said.
Oread stat mods, nuff said.
Ratfolk Stat array, size, skill mods are all great for the rogue, amazing if you have more ratfolk in the group as the swarm trait can really shine then.
Sylph pretty ho-hum choice unless you multi something airy.
Tengu Stat array, prof with ALL SWORDS, nat attack with extra options, and an amazing racial archetype? Yeah!
Tieflings Stat array-check, SLA that gets us in early for Arcane Trickster- check, darkvision- check, great skill bonuses- check. Don’t like the standard? Alternatives galore.
Undine surprisingly good with a strong stat array a swim speed, hydraulic push but trade that for ooze breath.
Changeling stat mods, nuff said.
Duergar See dwarf but make the hardy trait better and give me 1/day enlarge and invisibility instead of a mishmash of racial enemy bonuses.
Gillman see merfolk but add in the fact that you suck.
Grippli the alternate race traits of glide and jumper make this green for me. Good stat array and boing small helps.
Kitsune good stat array, great race traits that also enable early entry into Arcane trickster.
Merfolk lets play sn entirely aquatic campaign, said no GM I’ve ever played with.
Nagaji stat mods and really nothing worth taking, worse than red.
Samsurian this really is great for casters and that’s it..
Strix bonus to dex, dump to cha, bonus to stealth and perception, bonus to hit humans, and darkvision but I still can’t get behind this choice for the stat array of net 0.
Suli the shiny part of this race is elemental assault which helps damage in a way you don’t need.
Svirfneblin despite a negative stat array and dumping cha way harder than I want this shores up AC, Saves, gives SLAs that allow early entry to Arcane trickster, amazing skill bonuses, small size, and the bonuses are to stats your use and dumps on stats you may well dump.
Vanara stat array, prehensile tail to help action economy, and a climb speed make an attractive package.
Vishkanya great stat array, free poison use, good racial archetype, perception and stealth bonuses, free kukris and shruken, and the AMAZING Sleep Venom feat that makes your poison a scaling save or suck! YES PLEASE.

Wayang lots of little niceties like small size + a stealth bonus but I’d far rather be a goblin, halfling, or gnome.

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