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Builds: The Brogue

The Brogue

The Brogue

The Brogue is an old school two weapon style skirmisher that relies on teamwork to make sure he can hit. Two weapon style is not ideal unless you hit, so if you’re party looks to have a lot of teamwork/buffing/flanking built in (for example a summoner, a bard, and a cleric) the brogue can shine as a damage dealer. We start with lethal
weapons as we get our style down then move to non-lethal tactics when we get sap master to maximize damage.

Feats/Rogue Talents
Go human for 1/6th rogue talent favored class bonus for rogue levels 1-12 and for the Focused Study Alternate Trait.

Human Fighter 1 (Two Weapon Warrior):  Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Skill Focus (Knowledge: Nature* or Knowledge: Local)
2:  Rogue 1: (Rake Archetype and Scout Archetype) (1d6 sneak)
3:  Rogue 2: Eldritch Heritage (Sylvan or Arcane depending on GM), Combat Trick: Sap Adept
4:  Rogue 3: (2d6 sneak)
5:  Rogue 4: Bludgeoner, Weapon
training: Weapon Focus (I like brass knuckles here as I can hold a wand
and still punch but any finessable blunt weapon will do)
6:  Rogue 5: (3d6 sneak)
7:  Fighter 2: Sap Master (double SA damage), Boon Companion or Improved Familiar (depending on GM’s ruling if Improved Familiar take a small critter like a Mephit)
8:  Rogue 6: Skill Focus: Intimidate, Snapshot and Bleed Attack
9:   Rogue 7: (4d6 SA damage) Quick Draw
10: Rogue 8: Offensive Defense
11: Fighter 3: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
12: Fighter 4: Weapon Specialization
13: Rogue 9: (5d6 SA damage) Dazzling display
14: Rogue 10: Opportunist
15: Rogue 11: (6d6 SA damage) Shatter Defenses
16: Rogue 12: Skill Focus: Perception, Skill Mastery, Hunter’s surprise
17: Rogue 13: Iron will
18: Rogue 14: Hard to Fool
19: Rogue 15: Great Fortitude
20: Rogue 16: Slippery Mind

Charisma should be 13, it doesn't need to be any higher, but it
shouldn't be any lower.
Point Buy 20
Str: 10
Dex: 18 (16+2)
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 13

Attribute increases should go into Dex or optionally Charisma, favored class bonuses should go into hit points when not going into rogue talents.

Max Intimidate, Use Magic Device, Perception, Disable Device, Stealth, possibly Bluff and spread the rest around to remain versatile. Equipment that shores up mental attributes can be key.

Reactionary (+2 Initiative)
Any trait that shores up will saves

This build is about damage stacking and action economy. You get a flanking companion from Eldritch Heritage. This assumes you have a Animal companion, if you instead have a Familiar you might want to go with
Evolved Familiar to give a Skilled +8 to UMD. Another option is to take Leadership if your GM allows, this would speed up the build to a 1 feat investment or alternately you can take a different bloodline power.

Tactics at Level…
Level 1: Flank with your teammates, use two normal finessable  weapons mostly, switch to one as needed if you have trouble hitting.
Level 3: You now have your own flanking buddy take full advantage, don’t switch to your blunt weapons yet. If you get an animal companion it is going to be a little weak until 7th level (-5 to the druid’s) but there are
plenty of good options until then. For the Familiar you have 3 options, goat and pig are both ok flankers, dodo is a flanker that gives you improved initiative but it is still a terrible choice.
Level 5: Switch to your knuckles now and feel free to hold a wand in one hand and a dagger to coup-de-gras in the other. You can also charge to lead off getting a sneak immediately thanks to scout archetype.
Level 7:  Build starts to come together with stronger SA then standard and a stronger flanker.
Level 9: Enemies now suffer 8 bleed a round when you hit, with Quickdraw, snapshot, and blunted crossbow bolts you can switch up at will and lay down some very fast hurt on the first round.
Level 12: Last fighter level getting you some more damage. Be sure to have a
variety of “brass” knuckles so you can adjust for different DRs
Level 13-16:  Gain some intimidation options including the awesome shatter defenses.
Level 17-20: At this point you are simply shoring up weaknesses

If you find yourself having issues hitting or you are against something immune to SA use your outstanding UMD and wand cast as your standard action, duck into cover and use stealth on your move action.

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