Friday, November 7, 2014

Builds: Mephit Man

Mephit Man
Mephit Man

Rather than thinking of yourself as a one man show, this build is about being a team, a rogue and 2 mephits specifically, both of which are his familiars and both of which utilize sneak attack. This uses an exploitative interpretation of the rules and the somewhat less than ideal Carnivalist archetype.

Feats/Rogue Talents
Kitsune tops my list as the perfect Mephit Man as you get options for more magic, a bite attack, stat adds in the right places, and it just feels right. If restricted to core races I’d go gnome and take the alternate race traits for Chill touch. This build assumes your GM is ok with a loose interpretation that any familiar of yours gets SA and that Eldritch Heritage Arcane is not getting a familiar from a class feature but from a feat (meaning your get 2 familiars with SA.) This build kind of sucks before 7th level, comes into it’s own at 9th and can become awesome in mid to late levels. Use your favored class bonus for 1/6th rogue talents.

1:  Rogue 1: 1st Familiar pig or goat Skilled: Knowledge Arcane
2:  Rogue 2: (1d6 SA) Distraction (yay)
3:  Rogue 3: Eldritch Heritage Arcane (pig or goat)
4:  Rogue 4: Fascinate
5:  Rogue 5: Weapon Finesse
6:  Rogue 6: (2d6 SA) Minor Magic (Prestidigitation is my favorite option), trained legerdemain.
7:  Rogue 7: Improved Familiar (mephit)
8:  Rogue 8: Major Magic (Silent Image)
9:  Rogue 9: Improved Familiar (mephit)
10: Rogue 10: (3d6 SA) Familiar (greensting scorpion)
11: Rogue 11: Magical Tail ()
12: Rogue 12: Dispelling Attack, Opportunist
13: Rogue 13: Magical Tail (Charm Person)
14: Rogue 14: (4d6 SA) Feat Magical Tail (Misdirection)
15: Rogue 15: Magical Tail (Invisibility)
16: Rogue 16: Major Magic (Chill Touch)
17: Rogue 17: Teamwork- Outflank
18: Rogue 18: (5d6 SA) Skill Mastery, Hard To Fool
19: Rogue 19: Arcane Strike
20: Rogue 20: Thoughtful Reexamining


Point Buy 20
Str: 12 (14-2)
Dex: 16 (14+2)
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 11
Cha: 14 (12+2)

Intelligence needs to be at least 11, Charisma needs to be at least 13, Dexterity is
important, Strength is a nice bonus, Wisdom isn’t really needed.

Max handle animal, I like sleight of hand for this build, disguise ect.

Reactionary (+2 Initiative)
Any trait that shores up will saves

I could make a good argument for human as it maintains the very well
needed extra rogue talents, a skill point, 3 free skilled feats but I
like the bite and tail stuff, take your pick I guess.

Tactics at Level…
Level 1: You sort of suck, sorry.
Level 3:  You have 2 ineffective familiars to flank with and they SA whoot.
Level 5: You can hit stuff whoot.
Level 7:  Build starts to come together with your first SA mephit
Level 9: Now we’re cooking with Gas.
Level 10-20:  All about gaining more tricks

If you find yourself having issues hitting or you are against something
immune to SA use your outstanding UMD and wand cast as your standard
action, duck into cover and use stealth on your move action.


  1. You cannot take the same feat twice. Even if you hoodwink your ignorant GM into allowing you multiple familiars you can only improve one of them.

    1. The build specifies that it is up to interpretation by a GM.

      Hoodwink is a value driven word and a little over the top, the build is a little weak WITH the 2nd Familiar.

      There are tons of Feats that place restrictions on taking them more than once which implies that you can indeed take a feat more than once.