Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dear Gorm: Jacked of Hearts

by Jeff Harris
Dear Gorm,

I hesitate to write this for fear my Queen may see it, but I need the wisdom one can only find in the earth bound races. I serve a fickle and wicked queen who calls for beheadings when a subject displeases her. I’d raise my hand against her but then I’d turn to the white court which is no better.

I have considered feeding her drugged tea and cakes to calm her wayward emotions, but I fear being caught or captured. I see the same reservations in the eyes of my peers but I fear being a ringleader or ig branded a traitor.

Is it better to flee? Should I take violent action? Should I bide my time and hope an opportunity for change presents itself?


Jacked of Hearts
Dear Jacked of Hearts,
Lad, I can hear the fear in your words, plainer than even your writing to me about it.  And in that fear is your problem and your weakness.  If you truly mean to rise against your unjust queen, then you need to swallow that fear, for fear is the death of courage.  By your own tongue you name her wicked and fickle, but at the same time you quiver and cower in her shadow.
Thus lad, what you need to do is step out of that shadow, and strengthen your heart with resolve.  If wicked your queen be, and then let that wickedness fuel your righteous fury.  If fickle she is, then thrown down your oaths to her and fight for meaning, if not freedom.   Sure as her headsman harvests his grim cop, you will be needing to do some harvesting of your own.  Cull the honorable from the craven, the valorous from the meek.  Do not run from battle with your queen, nor her dark servants, nor bide your time for each tick of the watch is another death.   Nor is your plan to drug your queen an answer, for it is naught but the act of a coward.  As long as fear runs in your veins, then the blood will run from the gibbet.  To resist this evil you need to purge your heart of fear lad, for fear is the commodity that your queen rules with.
Lead by example, throw off your chains and rise against, let your queens subjects see your courage, for hope is a candle that once lit cannot be extinguished, it only grows hotter and brighter.  If you would be free of your tyrant, then you must be the spark that lights the candle, a light against the darkness within and without.  If I’m not mistaken a Jack is a lord, and now is the time for a rightful lord to stand firm. 
                                                                                                                      Rise and hold fast,
                                                                                                             Gorm “Gormie” Mountainchewer

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