Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Going Gonzo with John: Play within a Play

by John Belliston

Hamlet is arguable the most well know piece of theatre in the modern era. Given my natural theatrical proclivities I was most interested when our dear Pincushion announced that our next subject would be our dear Danish Prince. I wasn’t quite sure at first what direction to travel in as the obvious was so deeply enticing. There is a prevalence of death and undeath in that play that with just a little redirection could be a most profound gaming experience.

However my thoughts are forever on the strange and absurd and that was just too obvious for me. Nevermind the fine job others would do with that theme.

No, no. I would walk on paths less travelled and instead play with the “Play within the Play”.

For those unfamiliar with the play. There is a point when Hamlet hires a troupe of actors to perform a piece that is filled with the same details of his Uncle’s crimes. It is in his Uncle’s reactions that he finds guilt and eventually vengeance.

So how will one put this forth into the context of our favorite hobby?

A haunt.



The Play (CR 6)

XP 2,400

Alignment and Aura: LE (30’ by 30’ stage in the round)

Notice: DC 18 Linguistics or Knowledge (History) check to recognize the lines from the play being whispered in their ears.

Weakness: tricked by invisibility

Trigger: Proximity, Advanced Version triggered by Character with a secret.

HP: 12 Reset: 24 hours

Effect: All caught within the haunt who fail a DC 19) will save begin to act out a scene from an ancient play about a savage murder. After being attacked a new will save is allowed to break the effect. One effected character (selected at random) will attack each other effected creature until they are all dead or make their will saves. If however there is a character with a secret the haunt will always choose that character. The play itself will become a playing out of the details of their secret and they will feel compelled to silence the others caught in the haunt violently.

Destruction: Burn a script and theatrical mask in the middle of the haunt while it is active.

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  1. This is brilliant! As an actor who games with a few actors, I really want to use this now!