Friday, September 27, 2013

Recession Reviews: Wrath of the Righteous 2

by Frank Gori

Recession Reviews: Wrath of the Righteous 2

Times are hard and while a gaming book beats any trip to the theatre, our loved ones don’t always see it that way. When you can spare the money what products deserve your hard earned gaming dollars? Who balances enough crunch with the fluff to allow the frugal GM to recycle, after all the best games are the ones you can play over and over again without losing interest.

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Book 2 Sword of Valor :

Written by: Neil Spicer

Page count: 98 counting the inside covers

Throw Away pages: 17 (covers, forward, advertisements, and a story not directly useful to the adventure)

Golden Pages: 47 (reusable npcs, spells, reusable maps, monsters, new items, relics, demon graft system)

Cover price: $22.99

Price per page: $0.23

Modified price per page: $0.18 = Cover price/pages + golden pages – throw away pages= modified price per page

Crunch to Fluff Ratio: 5.76 to 1

Our Rating out of 10: 9 very reusable

Description (minor spoilers): I’m still reluctant to adopt the mythic system, but this AP is so full of awesome last week I dove in to the first book and left off at Neatholm. In this installment you’re PCs will be leading an army of 100 paladins through a series of challenges that will test your Pc’s skills as individuals and as commanders.

The mission is to take an artifact that will also aid you in regaining a lost city in the world wound. When I read this and when I GM this, I will channel Heart of Darkness it has a little of that vibe.

This is the first time I’ve seen the mass combat rules of Kingmaker back in action and Neil Spicer shows a mastery of them. I fully expect that half the fun is figuring out when your PCs need to foray ahead and when they need the full might of their army. There’s a good mix on both the encounters and the rewards. Its clear that you will be given a downtime period to perhaps revive the kingdom building rules, I fervently hope I’m right and that this goes beyond just one installment.


The monsters presented are quite useful, the items are awesome including magical medals which I love, and I’ll be using the crunchable demon grafting article on tons of baddies (and expanding it as a game designer.) If you never run this AP but like throwing demons, or run Kingmaker and want some new prestatted armies there’s allot to poach from this installment.

This AP had a tremendous start, this was a vital hand off and Neil Spicer rose to the occasion and delivered like a champ. Keep up the good work Paizo.

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