Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Going Gonzo with John: Tea with a side of Madness

by John Belliston

“have i gone mad?
im afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usualy are.”
― Lewis Carroll

Salutations and greetings my dears. I welcome you back to my humble little gathering of curiosities. This week my great and powerful Pincushion has like a red queen commanded me to another glorious theme.

This week we're stepping through the looking glass.

Now within the context of Pathfinder it's not great stretch to have Wonderland as an extension of or linked to The First World. It's a land of strange possibility and filled with the same sort of beautiful dangers that make the fey such delicious foes.

Now, knowing of my particular predilections it seems obvious that I have been tasked with presenting to you my take on the Mad Hatter.

An ever intriguing character, to say the least, and on that we have seen a great deal of recently. Comic interpretations, television, movies, Sci-fi original series all have had their respective seats at the tea party. I find it interesting that they consistently either make him a reluctant villain, or a reluctant hero.

Personally I think that the interesting point of this character is not in the character but in his themes and circumstances. So it is in that spirit that I grant you these two humble offerings...


The Mad Hat:

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 8th

Slot head; Price 5,000 gp (+2), 17,000 gp (+4), 37,000 gp (+6); Weight 1 lb.

The faint smell of mercury and tea always pervades this finely crafted top hat. Mimics the effects of a headband of alluring charisma as well as it’s other functions which manifest after the wearer has attuned himself by donning the hat for at least sixteen hours in a twenty four hour period. Once attuned the wearer will not willingly take the hat off, and the weareer becomes aware of the hat’s ability to further improve their charisma. Once a day, the attuned wearer can increase the Cha bonus by one step at the cost of 1d3 Wis drain. Once the wearer gains a negative Wis mod they begin to act erratically gaining a 25% chance of confusion in any stressful situation. Once their mod reaches -2 it's a will save to willingly take the hat off.  At -3 they can no longer tell friend from foe. A CMB attack against the wearer's CMD can be used to remove the hat.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Itemeagle's splendor, confusion Cost 2,500 gp (+2), 8,500 gp (+4), 18,500 gp (+6)



The Red Tea Party


30 feet

Notice: DC 20 (To see that the Tea in the cups is watered blood)

Effect: A group of eccentric guests sit and drink tea and talk of nonsense. The guest are actually 1d6 Ghosts bound to the haunt. All who enter the Area must make a DC 18 Wil save to not drink the tea. All who drink come under the effects of a confusion and rage spell. Once all effected have drunk the Ghosts attack. Any slain during have their souls bound to the haunt and return as guests the next time the haunt occurs.

Destruction: A creature wearing a Mad Hat must be decapitated within the Haunts area.

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